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Core Christianity: Tough Questions Answered

The Best Ways to Share the Gospel

aired January 30, 2019

Episode 108 Show Notes 

The Best Ways to Share the Gospel

From the Show

 What are some good ways to be intentional about evangelism?

Do you come off as defensive, as argumentative, prideful, unloving, or uncaring towards the person you're talking to? This isn't the gospel, that we're caring, that we're loving, that we are good listeners, that's not the gospel. But I'll tell you, the way we live and relate to others can draw people closer or it can push them away from hearing the gospel completely.  — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. What did Jesus mean when he said that he was the Way? Is Jesus saying that there is no salvation without believing in him?

2. What is the difference between grace and peace? Paul often begins his epistles this way. What does this mean?

3. How should we understand church scandal? How do we respond without becoming cynical?

4. I’ve heard that the title "Christian" is used in a negative sense in the NT and a better title for believers is “Followers of Jesus.” What do you think of this? Should we reference ourselves as Jesus Followers or Apprentices of Jesus or Christians?

5. What are some good ways to be intentional about evangelism?


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