The Religion of Busyness, Romance, and Parenting with Special Guest David Zahl

Episode 338 Show Notes 

From the Show

A soulmate is someone who can not only meet all your need but almost anticipate them before you even are aware of them: someone to be your best friend and your co-parent and sometimes your business partner and your lover, and basically your savior…That’s a job description that no one can actually fulfill.

—David Zahl

Questions in this Episode

1. What is a soul mate and what’s wrong with that idea?

2. Talk to a marriage counselor and they will tell you that worse than anger or guilt is marriage is weariness. That’s when a relationship is really on the rocks, when you’re too tired to fight, or no longer see the point of another attempt at rapprochement.

3. I know that it’s important to continue dating your spouse, but our children have been getting into lots of trouble at school and my husband and I can’t find the time because we are constantly worried about leaving them without supervision?

4. This is something you wrote that to many in our audience may sound strange at first: “Real love is not something we decide on. Nor is it something we earn. Love is more than something we fall into; it’s something we fail into. What sounds like the more tragic view of life is actually a starting point for compassion, forgiveness, and joy.” What do you mean by failing into love?

5. You write that the parenting section of a bookstore resembles the religious section. How so?


Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It by David Zahl


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