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Core Christianity: Tough Questions Answered

Were Jesus’s Miracles Only Symbolic?

host Adriel Sanchez aired November 5, 2020

Episode 569 Show Notes 

From the Show

If Jesus did not rise from the dead and miraculously come back to life, we would still be in our sins and absolutely hopeless. Christianity would be pointless. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15 that if that is the case, “let’s eat and drink for tomorrow we die.” Who cares what we do or how we live. But that is not the case. Christianity depends on the miraculous work of Jesus Christ.

–Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

  1. 1. How do I know without a doubt that a choice I am making is God’s choice for me? It really feels like I am talking and listening to a wall 99% of the time.

2. I believe in the Trinity and in Jesus Christ, but what confuses me is that the Bible also says that “no one knows the day or hour” of Jesus’s return except for the Father. If Jesus is God, wouldn’t he know?

3. Does the bible say anything about the mistreatment of wild or domestic animals? I see so much of that going on today and was wondering if the bible addresses this.

4. I recently have become visually impaired. I have also heard that Jesus’s miracle of giving sight to the blind man was only symbolic of giving the man understanding to the gospel. What do you think?


The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything by Fred Sanders


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Adriel Sanchez

Adriel Sanchez is pastor of North Park Presbyterian Church, a congregation in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he also serves the broader church as a host on the Core Christianity radio program, a live, daily call-in talk show where he answers listeners' questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. He and his wife Ysabel live in San Diego with their four children.

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