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What Can God Do With My Emptiness? with Special Guest Nancy Guthrie

aired September 11, 2020

Episode 530 Show Notes 

From the Show

I know that you look at this empty place and you see it as your greatest problem, but I don’t think that’s how God sees it. I think when God looks at your life and sees that empty place that he sees it as his greatest opportunity because God does his best work with empty as he fills it with himself.

–Nancy Guthrie

Questions in this Episode

1. Adriel: As you know, Nancy, writing a book is a lot of work. What did you see in the church and the lives of believers around you that made you feel that this book needed to be written?

2. I’m getting really burnt out as a parent right now. I already have a full-time job, and now I have to be a homeschool teacher to my 3 kids due to schools not opening. Finding time and space for devotions was hard enough before! Can you give me any advice to navigate this season in life?

3. When things are going well in my life, I feel like it’s clear that God is working in and through me. But sometimes I don’t feel God’s presence at all. My prayer life feels dry and it seems like no one is listening. How do I get back to that place where I feel like I am being used by God?

4. Adriel: I’m curious, Nancy, as you studied the idea of emptiness throughout Scripture, what did you learn about the nature and character of God?


God Does His Best Work with Empty by Nancy Guthrie


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