What Do I Do When My Pastor Acts Like a Political Pundit?

Episode 552 Show Notes 

From the Show

If ministers are serving as political pundits who are getting behind the pulpit to share their own thoughts on politics or why you should vote this way or that way, they have stopped focusing on God and his kingdom and started focusing on this present age—the kingdoms of this world. And they’re speaking into something that they often times do not have the knowledge that they ought to have because the job of the pastor is not to be a political expert, the job of the pastor is to be an expert in God’s word.

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. Reading 2 Timothy 2:15, how do I rightly “divide the word” and handle it rightly when it seems so easy to take scripture out of context?

2. I recently have been laid off due to COVID. I realize that God generally promises to save and redeem us and that that does not mean we will live successful and comfortable lives, but when I began the job I was laid off from, it seemed like it was a huge answer to prayer. I really felt that God had me where I was supposed to be, and now that is taken away. I am sure God cares for us in these times but is the only comfort we have that we will be with him in heaven? That is comforting, but it seems like we are on our own as we are looking for work. Do you have any thoughts on this?

3. How do you approach your pastor when he is shifting the message and turns it into a political ad or a hate speech towards people that doesn’t have the same belief as we Christians do?

4. Are Christians today required to pay tithes?



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