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What Does James Mean When He Says “Faith Without Works is Dead”?

host Adriel Sanchez aired June 9, 2022

Episode 985 Show Notes 

From the Show

Faith is not works. Some people talk about faith as if it is a work, but that undermines the gospel. However, saving faith, true faith in Jesus Christ, shows itself as true faith by the evidence of works.

Adriel Sanchez

What Does James Mean When He Says “Faith Without Works is Dead”? 

Questions in this Episode

  1. Should we treat nominal Christians as unbelievers or as members of the body?
  2.  Is requiring the King James translation only a form of legalism?
  3. What does “faith without works is dead” mean? I’ve also heard some people interpret this as meaning that your faith in Jesus Christ isn’t useful to anyone if you don’t have works. I believe that we are saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ and I’m confused about how “faith without works is dead” fits into that.
  4. Can Christians join fraternal lodges that have secret rituals and rites?
  5. How do we engage with those who say they’re Christians but live ungodly lives?

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Adriel Sanchez

Adriel Sanchez is pastor of North Park Presbyterian Church, a congregation in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he also serves the broader church as a host on the Core Christianity radio program, a live, daily call-in talk show where he answers listeners' questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. He and his wife Ysabel live in San Diego with their five children.

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