What Does Worship Look Like on a School Night? With Special Guests Keith & Kristyn Getty

Episode 591 Show Notes 

From the Show

We sing on a Sunday primarily because of who God is; we sing secondarily because we are commanded, created, and, indeed, because the gospel compels us to sing. Beyond that, we sing for each other. If I am having the worst Sunday morning and my mind is consumed with other things, I am still singing for those in front of me and behind me. Christianity is not simply getting the philosophy and theology right, it’s actually being a part of the Body.

–Keith Getty

Questions in this Episode

  1. 1. The two of you have been writing hymns and songs for worship for many years now. In fact, we sing many of those hymns in the congregation that I pastor each Sunday. In light of all of that, what inspired you to write an album of hymns and lullabies for children?

2. Are we supposed to lift our hands up as we sing praises or is that a preference? 

3. Is worship exclusively about music? I know that the bible says that we should glorify God with all of our lives. Is there a difference between worshipping on Sunday and worshipping God throughout the week in our daily lives?

4.  Many parents struggle with sharing resources with their kids that help build up their faith. Some resources, on the one hand, can feel cheesy, and on the other, might feel too uptight. I know you and Keith have children, how have you both cultivated an appreciation of worship in their lives?

5. Does worship music in church foster appreciation for diverse cultures, and should a church incorporate different worship music styles to attract diversity in members?

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