What Is the Relationship Between Justice, Justification, and Black Lives Matter? with Special Guest Dr. Michael Horton

Episode 515 Show Notes 

From the Show

We are not justified by our works, whether that is praying, going to church, or marching in a protest. So we can’t be saved by becoming just–that’s not how God saves us. He has justified us, declared us righteous, simply for the sake of Christ.

But that means that, now, we are called to live thankful lives seeking righteousness, justice, and peace–with our neighbors and also for our neighbors. Justified Christians are going to disagree over how to bring justice to those who are denied it, but Christians can’t disagree that Christ calls us to justice.

We should find, we can find, we should certainly look for a lot of common ground where we can debate the issues with respect for each other’s Christian liberty and conscience.

–Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. How is a person really saved? I hear preachers tell others to say a prayer, receive Christ into your heart, and then God will save you, and I don’t find any of that in the Scriptures. Could you help me out and show me where they get that from? When God saved me I didn’t do any of that. He just let me know I needed a savior and I surrendered to that tugging and pulling of the Holy Spirit on my heart. So, I don’t know, help me with that so I won’t lead people astray or be led astray myself.

2. In view of Black Lives Matter, what is the Biblical relationship between justice and justification?

3. Does how I vote matter, religiously? Does God care if I vote one way or the other? Does it matter what my reasons for voting are? Does the Bible say anything that can be applied to the topic of voting?

4. I appreciate how you distinguish between the law and the gospel on your show. I’m wondering if there are ways that we think and speak that support law rather than gospel. I blanch at taking on the mindset that within Christendom, everywhere I look there’s duties, callings, and obligations. Am I being too sensitive here?


A Biblical Theology of Justice by Zack Keele

Redeeming Justice by Michael Horton


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