Where Was Jesus During the Two Days He Was Dead?

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Where Was Jesus During the Two Days He Was Dead?

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Does the Bible tell us where Jesus went during the two days he was dead?

Christ is our Ark. He bore our judgment and hid us safely in himself. That's what baptism means, Peter says. Peter’s offering a warning to his readers to enter Jesus, the ark of salvation, to avoid the coming flood of God's final judgment, and that warning would have been totally lost on Peter's audience if he was talking about Jesus preaching the gospel to other people in the underworld. It wouldn't have had any significance to the people he was talking to here. The good news is that Jesus experienced hell on the cross for us. The main thing is that Jesus, the eternal Son of God, in our humanity, was hanged on a cursed cross and judged by God's law and condemned as a sinner even though he did nothing wrong. And he did that for us. He suffered hell in our place. — Michael Horton​​​​​ ​

Questions in this Episode

1. Does the Bible tell us where Jesus went during the two days he was dead?

2. In union with Christ does our Spirit join with God’s spirit? 

3. Why do Christians use the example that if the resurrection did not happen, then we are without hope?

4. Luke 24:39 says that Jesus only had flesh and bone, but not blood, even though his blood was shed for our sins. Could you explain why blood isn't mentioned?

5. Does science teach us that God doesn't exist? How should we respond to this?


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