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Why Did Christ Have to Die on the Cross?

aired April 26, 2019

Episode 170 Show Notes 

Why Did Christ Have to Die on the Cross?

From the Show

Did Christ die to appease God’s wrath, or to save a remnant?

We have to be careful talking about primary and secondary reasons for Christ's death. It's more like a diamond. There are so many facets to Christ's work and that's because there are so many facets to the problem that we need to be saved from. Death, sin, hell, Satan, this present evil age, the corruption of our own hearts, guilt and condemnation, and on we could go. Christ's death saves us from all of it. He saves a remnant and he also appeases the wrath of God. He saves a remnant by appeasing the wrath of God…. It's not that the legal penal substitutionary aspect of Christ's death, that is, as a sacrifice for guilt, is the only thing Christ did, nor is it even the primary thing that Christ did, after all solving the problem of death and everlasting punishment and bondage to sin, these are pretty primary, right? Rather, its that his satisfaction of justice is the most central thing he did, because it secured all of these other equally important gifts. Because I'm no longer under God's wrath and judgment, I have peace with God, freedom from the tyranny of sin and the demonic forces, freedom from the fear of death and so on. — Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. If we are forgiven does that mean that the law no longer applies to us?

2. Is it sinful to have homosexual desires or is it sinful only if you act on that desire?

3. How do you relate to 1 Peter 3:21 to salvation by faith where it says baptism saves you?

4. Was the primary reason for Christ's sacrifice on the cross to appease the wrath of God and the secondary as a gift to save a remnant?


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