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Why Doesn’t God Save Everyone?

aired February 21, 2019

Episode 124 Show Notes 

Why Doesn't God Save Everyone?

From the Show

If God is loving, why doesn’t he save everyone?

Because God is loving, he can't ignore our sin, our violence, our injustice, and the perversion and corruption of his world. We just don't know how much each of us contributes to that by our sin…. God is love. But if we think that God is only loving at the expense of his other attributes, then we not only have to reject the biblical doctrine of God but the Bible itself, with its vast revelation of God's wrath against sin. Do we really consider the seriousness of our sin, both as a condition in Adam that we're born with, and also as our own voluntary acts of disobedience? Do we really think of it as treason against God? Or do we think of it as just a few mistakes we make now and then, “surely, God's overlooking that”? Salvation isn't owed to us, it's given to us freely by grace…. Salvation is Jesus delivering us from the captivity of sin's guilt and power, and it's received as a gift. For anyone to be saved they need to turn from the kingdom of darkness, which itself is a gift, to faith in the one who can deliver them from the condemnation of hell and the perpetual craving for domination. — Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. In Matthew 11:30 Jesus says, “for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” What happens when the Christian life does not seem easy and light?

2. How much does someone need to know about doctrine to officially become a Christian?

3. If God is loving, why doesn’t he save everyone?

4. Is Isaiah 54:1–3 a prophecy about New Testament missions?

5. How can we learn not to doubt if we are saved or not?

6. How do we balance the events we see in the media with our expectation for Christ


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