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3 Ways Ecclesiastes Comforts the Soul

Most people think I’m strange when I tell them that I love the book of Ecclesiastes. Many consider it full of despair and strange sayings...

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How the Kingship of Jesus is Good News

When we confess Jesus as the Christ, we confess that he is that promised king, whose reign means eternal life and peace for the people...

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The Bible Told Me to Marry You

There are plenty of people today who claim that God told them to marry a specific person. As a pastor, I’ve encountered this more often...

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4 Pieces of Advice for Stressed Out Christians

We're all stressed out. For some of us, it is our way of life. What are some practical things we can do as Christians?

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Weeping with Those Who Weep

The church is to care for each other as if others’ suffering is their suffering and others’ rejoicing is their own rejoicing.

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3 of the Greatest Gifts in the Church

Apart from the primary benefit of being obedient to the command of Jesus Christ, there are many gifts that God lavishes upon us through belonging...

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How to Find Grace at Church When You Feel Worn Out

At church God meets us: he gives grace to us, and he gives grace through us.

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What Consumerism Wants from You and How to Battle It

All the markets built on this earth will pass away with their promises to fulfill our hopes, dreams, desires, and aspirations. There is no hope...

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What's the Point of Liturgy?

With so many different people gathering, how is worship supposed to be structured? 

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4 Important Questions to Ask in a World of Fads

 Any method that focuses on self-improvement to the neglect of Christ is not Christianity.