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5 Misconceptions About the Old Testament

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Old Testament, even some that make us think it is unreliable.

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8 Classics Every Christian Should Read

Aside from the Holy Bible, there are certain books that all Christians should read. 

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That's Just YOUR Interpretation! Really?

Today, we are awash in a sea of subjectivism. No one has any more right to say their understanding of the Bible is more proper...

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When God Leaves You in the Pit

I am clinically depressed and get anxious from time to time. It’s usually set off by major life transitions and hormones running amok. A couple...

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Do All Religions Just Teach Love?

I’m often asked by friends outside the church whether there’s any difference between the major world religions. After all—the thinking goes—aren’t they all communicating the...

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Who Will We Know in Heaven?

If the new creation will be a physical place populated by the people of God in physical bodies, then an obvious question follows: “Who will...

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Tim Keller: The Best Way to Enjoy Your Friendship With God

In John 15:12-17, in preparing for his death, Jesus redefines his relationship with his disciples. Rather than mere disciples, Jesus calls them his friends.

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What is the Image of God?

Humans do not simply have the image of God; they wholly embody the image of God.