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4 Ways to Enjoy Deeper Fellowship with God

Because of our union with Christ, we have the privilege of fellowship with the Triune God.

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Where Did Hell Go?

It’s difficult to find anyone who wants to talk about hell nowadays. After all, nice people aren’t actually going to end up in some hard-to-believe-it’s-really-true...

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10 Practical Tips for Helping Hurting People

Sometimes it's hard to find the right words when someone you care about is going through a life crisis. Still, there are plenty of ways...

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5 Things to Do to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Here are five things you can do today to be filled with God's Spirit

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Are Your Expectations Too Low?

Life is too important to sustain such a busy pace for long. It is important that as we are able, we take time to rest....

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3 Things a Church Cannot Exist Without

What does a church need to have in order to be a real church?

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Hope Against Hope

Because of what Jesus has done, we are now defined as those who can hope against hope. 

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The Problem of Evil

David Hume, a philosopher, once argued that the existence of evil poses a problem for the existence of a good God. Is his argument valid?...

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Why Sunday Should Be a Day of Rest

The fourth commandment teaches us to set aside one day out of seven to rest from our work and to worship God: Remember the...

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Is Jesus God?

Many people are willing to accept that Jesus existed and that he was a great moral teacher. But was Jesus God?