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Who Were the Nephilim?

Episode 122 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions on marriage in heaven, what Jesus' suffering has to do with salvation, and the Nephilim.

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Who Will We Know in Heaven?

If the new creation will be a physical place populated by the people of God in physical bodies, then an obvious question follows: “Who will...

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Who You Are and Why It Matters

I grew up in the hippy generation, when we tried to “find ourselves,” mostly by introspection. I have never been good at that.

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Why Advent Is Every Day of the Year

No matter which way we feel about Christmas, as Christians we are looking forward to the arrival of a day and a gift far more...

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Why America's Religious Pluralism Is A Gospel Opportunity

It can sometimes be overwhelming when we think of how America's religious landscape has changed in a relatively short period of time.‚Äč

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Why Anxiety Has So Much Power Over Us

Anxiety is something we all struggle with and in some cases can debilitate and rule us. Anxiety, though, is the symptom of a more deep-seated...

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Why Are Christians So Intolerant?

“Sinner” and “sin” are dirty words in our culture.

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Why are Millennials and Generation Z Leaving the Church? with Special Guest Derek Rishmawy

Episode 284| Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez with guest Derek Rishmawy explain why Millennials and Generation Z are leaving the church and how Christians should respond...

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Why Bible Study Should Always Lead to Worship

"Anytime we spend time gazing at who God is as he’s described in the Scriptures, we cannot help but be drawn into worship."

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Why Black Friday Can't Make You Happy

One of the most powerful forces that controls this present culture is the god of consumerism.