In Memory of Eugene Peterson: Viewing Our Daily Work as Holy

Eugene Peterson is now with the Lord but we can still learn from his insights. In this video, he explains how our work glorifies God. 


Pornography: How We Begin to Defeat This Sin

Remember, Jesus is not ashamed of you. Here are some steps you can take.


The Powerful Testimony of a Former Gymnast Who Shared the Gospel with Her Abuser

This all-too-common story of sexual abuse struck me for several reasons. The remarkable damage and evil should never be underestimated or shirked as it is too often done. 


You Need to Know Why Young People Leave Church

Bobby Conway (The One Minute Apologist) interviewed J. Warner Wallace (author of Cold-Case Christianity) on the reason why so many young believers are leaving the church during and even after college. Before we do or change anything, we have to at least acknowledge that our young people are being challenged when they attend college. This should […]


How to Deal With Your Pastor When He Fails Morally

How to deal with the disappointment, disillusionment, and anxiety when your pastor fails to be the upright and godly man he is called to be.


How Can Jesus Be the Only Way?

In this video for the White Horse Inn series “Defend the Faith,” Michael Horton explains why Jesus is the only way to eternal life.


How Can We Best Understand the Bible Today?

In this video, Michael Horton explains why the Bible is first of all a drama.


Why the Sacrifice of Jesus Isn’t Enough

R.C. Sproul with Ligonier Ministries outlines a misunderstood aspect of Christs work: his active obedience on our behalf. Is salvation accomplished merely by the sacrifice of Christ for sin? Dr. Sproul outlines why we need something more than the atonement for sin. Salvation equally depends on the obedience of Christ on our behalf and his […]


James K. A. Smith: Why Christian Virtue Is Essential Today

Christian Virtues from The Colossian Forum on Vimeo. James K.A. Smith from Calvin College joins the Colossian Way to discuss the Book of Colossians and the Christian life. Smith opens up the book briefly to show how Christian virtue is essential in the world in which we live. Following in Christ's footsteps is difficult; yet, […]


Is It Okay To Date A Non-Christian?

Timothy Keller, the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, discusses this difficult question. What does the Bible say about dating? How does it relate to marriage? Join us for this important discussion.