Jesus Christ

How Jesus Encouraged His Uncertain Disciples

One of the beautiful things about Jesus is that he always tells the truth.


How to Make Sense of Suffering in the Christian Life

Why do so many Christians suffer; and why do so many wicked people prosper? Why do the wicked appear blessed with riches and an easy life? Why are so many Christians in the world living below the poverty line?

Spiritual Growth

How Does the Bible Relate to Science?

According to Michael Horton, the problem is never “the Bible vs Science. It is interpretations of the Bible vs interpretations of Science. We are always interpreting. So what we have to do is weigh the interpretations, but the Bible itself is hardly opposed to Science.”

Spiritual Growth

How You Can Stop Doubting Your Salvation

Many Christians contact us with questions about assurance. They doubt their salvation and worry that they are destined for hell and wonder if they can possibly be saved.


Why Bible Study Should Always Lead to Worship

"Anytime we spend time gazing at who God is as he’s described in the Scriptures, we cannot help but be drawn into worship."


The Best Reason to Read the Bible

There’s really never been a truer statement than, "To know him is to love him."

Holy Spirit

How You Can Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

How can you be filled with the Holy Spirit?‚Äč

LifeSpiritual Growth

Christian, You Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Weakness

Is this the way we characterize our Christian life? 

Spiritual Growth

Why God Cares About What You Tweet

Jesus says that every idle word that we have ever spoken will be brought into the judgment.