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Why the Christian Faith is Fundamentally Uncomfortable

If you’re looking for a religion to make you comfortable, don’t look to Christianity. We shouldn't want it any other way.

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You're Not God, So Get Some Rest Today

It almost seems cruel to talk about rest in a book on the work of the home, because the work of the home is never...

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What Should You Say To A Friend Who Tells You They're Same-Sex Attracted?

Part of loving others includes creating a space for those around us to feel like they can open up about their lives.

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Why the Shame of Sexual Abuse Is Not a Life Sentence

When we are dirty, God washes us. In the darkest places, God brings us light. When we are crushed and humiliated, he raises us up...

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4 Things Grieving People Wish You Knew About Grief

Have you ever wondered what to do or say when someone you know is experiencing the agony of loss?

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How to Bring Gospel-Renewal to Your Church

Tim Keller shares how the gospel renews us from the inside-out and from the outside-in.

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Sam Allberry: You Can Be Faithful to Jesus Despite Same-Sex Attraction

Sam Allberry, associate pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Maidenhead, England, addressed the Church of England General Synod in London on the subject of same-sex...

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How Can We Best Understand the Bible Today?

In this video, Michael Horton explains why the Bible is first of all a drama.