Do Protestants Have the "Fullness of the Faith"?
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Do Protestants Have the "Fullness of the Faith"?

Christian Radio Veteran Bill Maier Joins Pastor Adriel Sanchez on the Core Christianity Radio Show

Posted April 15, 2020
Spiritual Growth
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Core Christianity is excited to announce a new co-host for our 30-minute radio show. The Core Christianity radio program was created to address a growing problem in the United States—people do not understand what the Bible teaches. “Our plan from the beginning was to go to a daily ‘live’ format with another radio host who would replace Dr. Michael Horton at the right time,” said president and CEO, Mark Green.

Green continued, “Given Mike’s critical role as a seminary professor and White Horse Inc’s Editor-in-Chief, he is unavailable to be in studio every day, but God has brought Bill Maier and Adriel together to host our daily program with a more timely conversation.”

Pastor Adriel Sanchez has hosted Core Radio since 2018 when the show launched and is a millennial church-planting pastor in the heart of San Diego. Bill is a skilled radio professional who loves Core Christianity and has over 25 years of experience in Christian radio.

Together, Adriel and Bill will answer callers’ questions on the Bible and the Christian life for a half-hour every Monday through Friday starting Thursday, April 16th.

Green assures, “Dr. Horton will still be an occasional guest on Core Radio, but he will be directing his energy towards his Editor-in-Chief role because of the tremendous growth we’ve seen across all of our other initiatives. We plan to go to our ‘live’ format sometime this fall.”

Since its launch, the Core Christianity radio program has:

• Grown in web presence to a half million visits a month from over 200 countries around the world.
• Answered over 1,500 questions
• Recently won New Broadcast Ministry of the Year from the Bott Radio Network Core Christianity

Green said, “People are hurting. Life can beat you up. Our goal at Core Christianity is to help Christians rediscover the joy, hope, and confidence they have in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Listen to today’s program with Mike, Adriel, and Bill here.

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