Should the Church Be More Vocal about the Conflict between Israel and Palestine?
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Should the Church Be More Vocal about the Conflict between Israel and Palestine?

In 2023, Study Church History

Studying church history is a valuable exercise. As Core Christianity contributor Andrew Menkis writes,

As we delight in what God has done, we’ll be invigorated in our faith as we see that God is true to his promises and faithful to his people. This not only gives us perspective on our current moment; it also encourages us as we look toward an unknowable future. The church may struggle and suffer, but it will not be vanquished. Looking to Christian men and women of the past who have taken up their cross and followed Christ through life—and even unto death—can give us strength to persevere. This is the “great cloud of witnesses”—witnesses to God’s unfailing power and goodness (see Heb. 11–12).

This year, we want to encourage you to take some time to dig into church history. You can do that with us at Core Christianity by following along with our web series, “Cloud of Witnesses: Stories from the Church.” If you want to catch up, here are the profiles we’ve published so far:

We also encourage you to check out this new release from Simonetta Carr. Michael Horton writes,

Simonetta Carr’s Church History is amazing. Written for children, it’s good enough for adults! A former elementary school teacher and home-schooling mother of eight children, Simonetta knows how to make church history interesting. She also includes important episodes often left out. I hope everyone buys this book—for themselves and for a friend.

Here are a few other great resources for digging into church history this year:

Let Menkis’s words again encourage you as you dig deep into the historical record and hear stories of God’s faithfulness across the generations: “Fellow believers, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Let us not forget them. They are our family. Their story is our story. We are carrying on that story today.”

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