Am I Struggling with Sin, or Am I a Slave to It?
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Am I Struggling with Sin, or Am I a Slave to It?

Christianity in the Workplace

Aired November 13, 2020
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Episode 575 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about what it means to believe in Jesus, how Christians relate to their jobs, Noah’s shame in Genesis 9, and if the church is compromising the gospel today.

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Episode 575 Show Notes

From the Show

Do you want to shine as a bright light for Jesus? Work hard and with integrity in a world where those two things do not often come together. At times there can be people who use certain kinds of jobs and positions to do evil things, which is heartbreaking, but that is where we as followers of Jesus need to be different. We need to serve as unto the Lord. That is where the difference lies.

–Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

  1. 1. In the Gospel of John it seems like some people “believed” but really didn’t, according to Jesus. How do we understand this, particularly in reference to ourselves or our friends who may “believe” but might not be saved? How can we discern whether someone is in that state, or is that something only Jesus can see?

2. It seems like in every job there is some form of complicity we share with unethical practices, whether it is selling products made in sweatshops or being in politics or the armed forces where, for better or for worse, you have other people’s lives or livelihoods in your hands. Are there some jobs that Christians should avoid entirely, or how should we practice wisdom when choosing our careers?

3. In Genesis 9, why does Noah curse Canaan after he awakens from his drunkenness and not Ham? What is the significance of Noah’s nakedness being uncovered and covered?

4. What do you think the state of the church is right now, is it good or bad? Are we compromising to the culture and world around us?

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