My Spouse and I Are Divided Over Church. What Should We Do?
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My Spouse and I Are Divided Over Church. What Should We Do?

Did God Predestine Judas’s Betrayal?

Aired February 1, 2023

Episode 1154 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about who can administer the sacraments, Revelation 22, and how God can ordain the acts of evil men without being evil.

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Episode 1154 Show Notes

From the Show

Somehow God can ordain things to happen and still not be the author of evil. God allows evil men to do what they will, but ultimately for a greater purpose; namely, the redemption of mankind.

– Pastor Adriel Sanchez

Did God Predestine Judas’s Betrayal?

Questions in this Episode

  1. Who is allowed to baptize people and administer communion?
  2. Why can’t all Christians administer the sacraments?
  3. Is Revelation 22 referring to the book of Revelation or the entire Bible?
  4. Did God predestined Judas’s betrayal of Jesus?
  5. What role does each person of the trinity play in salvation?
  6. Is it wrong to baptize a newborn at home?
  7. How are shut-ins able to participate in communion?

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