Do Protestants Have the "Fullness of the Faith"?
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Do Protestants Have the "Fullness of the Faith"?

Did Mary Know?

Episode 865 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about in the incarnation, the Magnificat, Santa, and favorite Christmas dishes.

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Episode 866 Show Notes

From the Show

If you go to the end of the book of Exodus where the tabernacle is nearly built, we read about the Spirit of God settling on it, overshadowing it. Why? Because God has made his dwelling place there. And here, the angel says to Mary, “the Spirit of God is going to overshadow you.”

–Adriel Sanchez

Did Mary Know?

Questions in this Episode

  1. Was Jesus actually born on Christmas Day? I have heard theories that he was born sometime in October.
  2. Do you know that Christmas song, “Mary did you know?” I know some people make fun of that song, but I thought that that question was pretty good. In Luke 1 it doesn’t quite seem to allude to the fact that Mary knew her son was going to bear the sin of his people. So, did she know or was it a surprise to her?
  3. Is it ok to tell my kids that Santa is real?
  4. Does the Bible command or forbid us to celebrate traditions like Christmas? I have heard both views from various churches. I know Catholics are big on celebrating Christmas and I have heard some protestant groups and even Jehovah’s Witnesses say that we shouldn’t.

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