Must I Tithe 10% of My Net or Gross Income?
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Must I Tithe 10% of My Net or Gross Income?

Does God Love Some People More Than Others?

Aired September 13, 2019
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Episode 270 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions about God's love, wisdom and trusting the Lord’s provision in having kids, and doubt.

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Episode 270 Show Notes

From the Show

If God just left us all, we would wander off and continue in our rebellion and hate him and each other. And we would continue to be bound by sin. So, that God has mercy on any is really amazing. That’s why we call it grace.

– Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Does God love some people more than others?

2. What are good reasons for Christian married couples to put off having kids? When does concern about things like finances, time, and energy in regards to having children cross the line from being wise to being unbiblical and not trusting the Lord’s provision or sovereignty over the womb? What if one spouse has a strong desire to have children and the other doesn’t?

3. I’m curious how you guys have worked through doubt in the past. I can read a lot on apologetics and spend time in prayer and Bible study, but it just seems like there are times where doubt starts to creep in and I can’t seem to stop it. I get to these unexplainable moments when it seems like the evidence for Christianity seems too thin to stake one’s entire life on it, especially since this is supposed to be evidence from an Almighty God pointing us in the direction of eternal life with him or eternal damnation away from his presence. There are times I fear I only remain a Christian because of the social pressures against de-converting and not out of a heartfelt faith.





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