Is it Inappropriate for Christians to Be Assertive?
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Is it Inappropriate for Christians to Be Assertive?

Does God Want Christians to Give up their Earthly Possessions?

Aired September 25, 2019
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Episode 278 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions about why Paul often begin his letters with long introductions, doubt and having the Holy Spirit, possessions and giving to the poor, glorification, and dealing with a lack of excitement about going to church.

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Episode 278 Show Notes

From the Show

Jesus is not giving him [the rich young ruler] a new commandment [sell everything you have and give it to the poor]. This is how a lot of preachers preach this, “Jesus is laying on this guy something in addition to the ten commandments.” No, Jesus is saying, this is the implication of the ten commandments. God’s law isn’t just about refraining from pulling out a side arm and shooting somebody; it’s about loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength ad your neighbor as yourself, so that you do everything in your power for the good of your neighbor.

— Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Why does Paul often begin his letters with long introductions?

2. Why did God create a world where he knew Adam and Eve would sin and that people would suffer?

3. If I have doubts does that mean God has taken his Holy Spirit from me?

4. Jesus said to sell all his possessions and give them to the poor. Was Jesus only saying this to test him? Did Jesus really mean to teach that God wants people to give up their possessions to help the poor?

5. What is glorification, and how does that relate to salvation?

6. When I first became a Christian the gospel and church seemed really exciting but now after years of going to church, I feel like I have fallen into a rut because church no longer excites me the way it used to. Can you help me to understand the stage I’m going through and find a way to overcome it?


God So Loved, He Gave: Entering the Movement of Divine Generosity by Kelly Kapic

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