Can the Church Turn Our Country Back to God?
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Can the Church Turn Our Country Back to God?

How Can A Wrathful God Be Loving?

Aired November 17, 2023
Attributes of God

Episode 1361 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer questions about satan's authority, if the suffering of people of African decent is due to a biblical curse, building up saints doubting salvation, God being loving and wrathful.

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"God manifested his glory in powerful ways, and yet Pharaoh is hardening his heart, wickedly. When people do that again, and again, and again, and again, they are inviting the severe judgement of God. That’s what we see in the book of Exodus." – Pastor Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

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  1. Did satan have the authority to give the kingdoms to Jesus in Matthew 4?
  2. Do black people suffer because of a biblical curse?
  3. How can I help my brother who is doubting his salvation?
  4. How can a loving God be wrathful?

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