Is it Inappropriate for Christians to Be Assertive?
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Is it Inappropriate for Christians to Be Assertive?

How Should Christians Respond to Racism?

Episode 459 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about fear of dying, frustrations over the Coronavirus, how Christians should respond to racism and oppression, and the meaning of a line the Lord's Prayer that reads, "lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

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Episode 459 Show Notes

From the Show

We have so confused Christianity with politics that people often assume Christian equals the stuff political conservatives identify with and non-Christian equals the stuff progressives talk about. And since racial injustice often tends to be at the forefront of the discussion in political progressive circles, we shy away from them because we think that to discuss the evil of racism is to identify with the liberal left. But here’s the thing. When we call out the evil of racism, we’re identifying with the word of Almighty God. Woe to those who are willing to condemn the desecration of the image of God in abortion, but not willing to condemn it in racism.

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. I have been a Christian for over 15 years. And recently, I have been having this overwhelming fear of dying. Even though I know there is a heaven and there is eternity, there is a seed of doubt of “what if this is the end?” It has given me anxiety and panic attacks. What are some encouragement or even helpful resources you can give to me?

2. I have been frustrated over receiving more information about the Coronavirus, but that there is an appalling lack of wisdom. What is godly wisdom? Does it come primarily through reading Scripture? Does it come primarily through praying to God on a daily basis? And I guess for me, how can I confront these frustrations that I have, and defeat them with God’s help?

3. What is the biblical stance on racism? How should Christians respond to oppression?

4. Did the Pope change a line in the Lord's prayer from "lead us not into temptation" to "protect us from temptation, and deliver us from evil"? What happened with that particular sentence of the Lord's prayer?


The Message of Acts in the History of Redemption by Dennis Johnson

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