Does the Bible Teach Us How to Pray?
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Does the Bible Teach Us How to Pray?

How to Keep Your Faith After High School with Pastor Adriel Sanchez, Gretchen Ronnevik, and Kendra Dahl

Bonus Series | In this brand new three-part video and podcast series from Core Christianity, Pastor Adriel sits down with Kendra Dahl and Gretchen Ronnevik to talk about how people—especially teens and young adults—can stay anchored in their faith after they leave home. They also reflect on their own faith journeys and how, as parents, they think about how to help their kids keep their faith.

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"It's so easy when we're afraid and we want to instill ideas or principles in our children and say, 'Ok, we don't want you to go in that direction,' but we have to be careful to not treat things like the boogie man—these false gospels that are out there. We need to be able to differentiate and say 'Here's that thread of truth and they're longing for something good, but here's where it goes wrong.' And we need to try to train our kids to show compassion and to be able to make those discerning calls." —Adriel Sanchez

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