Am I Struggling with Sin, or Am I a Slave to It?
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Am I Struggling with Sin, or Am I a Slave to It?

Is It Okay for Christians to Strive for Success in the Workplace?

Aired July 17, 2019
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Episode 228 | Dr. Michael Horton, Adriel Sanchez, and special guest Mark Green answer questions on Christians in the business world and how to glorify God in our work.

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Episode 228 Show Notes

Is It Okay for Christians to Strive for Success in the Workplace?

From the Show

Is it okay for Christian’s to strive for success in the workplace?

I think the other tension is that tension to being pulled into the world's way of thinking and measuring success. The constant drivenness, you know, to get the next promotion so your sense of worth comes, not from your identity in Christ and all that entails, but measuring your success just in worldly terms. I felt this tension constantly in business, but I think it can be seen as a blessing. If you learn how to identify this pull towards the world and temporary riches, if you can see your heart start to wander and fall in love with the world and all its enticements, then you can train your heart and mind to think about those things like promotions and raises and new jobs. But if it comes along and it is a reward for the work you've done, I would err towards accepting the blessing from the Lord. And I would say, by the way, that I never figured out the right balance. I mean, if a promotion or new job came up, and I had to choose whether to take it or not, of course, I would pray, but I would also ask a lot of my friends, you know, elders in my church, and business friends, their advice and then I talked to my wife and often with my kids about this possible next step. And then I’d make a choice, and I would move forward boldly knowing that the Lord will work it all together. I think as believers who are working in the secular world, we need to be very bold in our trust in the Lord’s sovereignty. — Mark Green

Questions in this Episode

1. Mark, you’ve had an amazing career, spending decades in the corporate world, and spending the last six years leading a faith-based organization. You’ve lived all over the world. What was it like to work overseas?

2. What are the unique challenges Christians in business face and what advice do you have for them? What are some challenges you’ve dealt with?

3. Mark, sometimes when I talk people as their pastor, they assume if they really want to serve God they have to be a pastor or a missionary. What encouragement would you have for Christians in the business world who may struggle with whether their work is meaningful before God?

4. I recently received a promotion at work, I’m glad for the raise but sometimes I feel guilty trying to move up or being ambitious as a Christian. Is okay for Christians to strive to be successful in their work?



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