Is it Inappropriate for Christians to Be Assertive?
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Is it Inappropriate for Christians to Be Assertive?

Reaching Out in a Secular Age with Special Guest Derek Rishmawy

Aired October 17, 2019
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Episode 294| Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions about how Christians can better speak to the questions and concerns of Millennials and Generation Z.

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Episode 294 Show Notes

From the Show

The anxiety measures for millennials and Gen Z, folks who are either clinically depressed or on meds for anxiety and depression skyrocketed. And so, to go towards a spirituality, to go towards a religion that is just giving them more things to be a scared of, right, because the world is changing—there’s nothing attractive about that to them, especially if some of the things that they think those religious folks of scared of seem good to them in terms of more cultural diversity, more racial diversity, ethnic diversity, all those sorts of things. And if you’re are just scared of those things then, “I don’t want to join in on that.”

—Derek Rishmawy

Questions in this Episode

1. How are you understanding the new spirituality where people may identify as atheists or agnostics but below the surface, they are interested in astrology and crystals?

2. How do you reach the younger generations when their habits have changed, when it’s hard to get people together in a room?

3. In the past you have pointed out the dangers of despair and nostalgia. What are the dangers of despair and nostalgia, and how should we address this in our churches?

4. When you come meet Jesus after deciding to come out of your hell, will Jesus' energy (or him or it) absorb you and draw you into the light?

5. Why is it that some Christian believe that only Christians are moral? It seems like there are lots of good people who aren’t Christians and even practice other religions.


Core Christianity: Finding Yourself in God's Storyby Michael Horton

Ministering to Millennials in a Secular Age by Derek Rishmawy

Why You Should Listen to Millennials in Your Church by Derek Rishmawy


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