Do Protestants Have the "Fullness of the Faith"?
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Do Protestants Have the "Fullness of the Faith"?

What Does It Mean to Be “Slain in the Spirit”?

Aired May 27, 2024

Episode 1497 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer questions about forgiving murderers, honoring one's parents, and being "slain in the spirit."

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"We want to do things decently and in order. We want to be intelligible. We want the word of God to be platformed so that outsiders who don't believe in Jesus can hear the word and be convicted of their sins and fall down on their face saying 'truly God is among you'." – Pastor Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

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  1. I am struggling to forgive my son's murderer. Will I still go to Heaven?
  2. How do I honor my parents when they abused me?
  3. Is being "slain in the spirit" biblical?

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