Can a Christian Become Perfect Before Heaven?
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Can a Christian Become Perfect Before Heaven?

When Will Christ Return?

Aired January 8, 2021
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Episode 616 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about the Old and New Covenants, cremation, the return of Christ, lingering sin in the Christian, and the Kingdom of God.

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Episode 616 Show Notes

From the Show

I think that we like to think that we are at the center of history. That we have it worse than everyone else, that right now is the key moment in history. But without minimizing our current experience, the reality is if we think we have it worse than previous generations of believers, than we don’t understand church history. Whatever it is we are suffering in the United States, we are not being burned at the stake. All Christians live between the first and second coming of Jesus

——Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

  1. 1. Why does Paul say that those who have faith are children of Abraham when Hebrews says Jesus mediates a better covenant than the old one? These seem to me like two opposing attitudes toward the Old Testament. How can I make sense of this?

2. I am a believer, and I’m wondering whether I should have a traditional burial or if I can get cremated when I die? Cremation is much cheaper than a traditional burial, but I know someday I will be resurrected. Will God be angry at me for taking the cheaper option financially? I don’t have an answer when I pray.

3. Approximately when do you think Christ will return?

4. I accepted Jesus many years ago, but I still sin. How will I make it to heaven when I still sin? What if I am not close enough to God? What if I don’t read my Bible and pray enough? Or have enough good works?

5. Is the Kingdom of God something that exists today, or is it something that we are waiting for in the future?

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