Philippians Bible Study

This Bible study will help you see how to live and what to live for—and how God assures us that he will provide everything we need to follow him.

Christmas Devotional – The Promised Seed

This Christmas devotional will help orient your mind and heart as you spend the 25 days leading up to Christmas tracing the Promised Seed from God's announcement in Genesis to Christ's appearance on the stage of human history.

5 Biblical Reminders for Thanksgiving

It’s not uncommon to see posts on Instagram that tell us to “Be Grateful.” Okay—but how? This Core Guide unpacks 5 biblical principles about thankfulness […]

What Every Child Should Know About Prayer

Best-selling author Nancy Guthrie and much loved illustrator Jenny Brake team up on this biblical theology of prayer for children. Nancy explains in child-friendly language […]

Can the Devil Read My Mind?

Every day, we receive many different questions from people wondering about Satan’s power and influence today. In Can the Devil Read My Mind? Pastor David Cassidy helps readers […]

Jonah Bible Study

HOW DOES God’s mercy fit with his justice? What is a prophet? How does the Old Testament point us to Jesus? These are questions we […]