How to Keep Your Faith After High School

In this booklet, Kendra Dahl reflects on her experience leaving and then returning to the church as a young adult, offering encouragement and practical counsel for those walking through this unique season of life.

Daniel Bible Study

With your gift of $25 or more, we’ll send you a copy of our new Daniel Bible study by Pastor Adriel as a way of saying thank you for joining us in this work.

3 Views on Baptism

This guide presents the three main Protestant views of baptism that you will encounter among Christians you know and churches you attend: Lutheran, Baptist, and Presbyterian. Each author approaches the subject from a different angle, but all agree that Scripture is our only infallible rule of faith and practice.

What is God’s Will For Me?

How do we discern and walk in God’s will for us when it comes to our relationships, our jobs, and our everyday decisions? In this booklet, Jordan Dahl provides a practical, biblical framework for answering these questions.

7 Truths About Marital Sex

This Core Guide will help you form a biblical perspective on God's purposes for marital sex and consider some practical realities and implications of sex in marriage according to God’s design.

Tough Questions Answered

In this booklet, skilled apologist Doug Powell walks you through some of the most difficult questions about the Bible and the Christian life that you might encounter.

6 Categories You Need to Know

This resource is meant to equip you with important theological categories that can help you read the Bible, live your faith confidently, and feel less anxiety about your faith in a complicated world.

Called to War

THE CHRISTIAN AND THE MILITARY Every day, we receive many different questions from people wondering about how to persevere in their faith amidst difficult circumstances. […]