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A Common Mistake to Avoid When Reading the Bible

by Sinclair B. Ferguson posted January 24, 2020

Sinclair Ferguson draws a striking contrast between helpful and unhelpful Bible reading.

One mistake Bible readers often make is letting their time reading the Bible focus on their own Christian life. They read the Bible and think about their own lives more than what the Bible is actually saying. Ferguson calls on readers to focus on learning the message of the Scriptures. Every passage and book of the Bible has a message that we should seek to uncover in our time reading and studying it.

"We must embed into our thinking what the message of Scriptures actually is."

Ferguson continues, "Learning to read the Bible is, first of all, listening to what the Bible is saying and then learning to apply what it is saying in your life."

Enjoy this clip and make sure your own time reading and study God's Word is focused on learning and applying the message of the Bible.

Photo of Sinclair B. Ferguson

Sinclair B. Ferguson

Dr Sinclair B Ferguson is a Ligonier teaching fellow and Chancellor's Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary since 2017, commuting from Scotland where he is an assistant minister at St. Peter's Free Church of Scotland, Dundee.

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